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Quantum Dot Beads

Our quantum dot fluorescent beads are uniform microspheres containing thousands of quantum dots which offer high luminescence with great long-term colloidal stability and accessible to simple and efficient bioconjugation strategies. Compared with the traditional water-soluble quantum dots, the fluorescence signal can be amplified more than 4000 times, significantly improving the sensitivity of immunoassay detections. Our proprietary bead formation makes quantum dot beads with no quantum dot leak from the beads or no photobleaching. Here, we provide a series of high quality quantum dot beads emitting from 520 nm, 580 nm to 620 nm along with 200 nm or 400 nm bead sizes. . We can also customize the bead emission color and size for specific application. Our quantum dot beads are highly uniform and reproducible, which are suitable for a wide range of applications including blood flow determination, immunochromatographic assay, biomarker detection, imaging and medical diagnostics.