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Ocean NanoTech's 200 nm silica coated magnetic beads (Super Mag Silica Beads) have optimized silica coating. These magnetic beads are excellent platform for further surface modification. Variety of organosilane chemistry approaches could be used to modify the surface of magnetic beads for further applications.


  • Ideal platform for further surface modification: Variety of oranosilane chemistry approaches can be chosen to for further surface modification.
  • Short Magnetic separation time
  • Iron content: ≥80%


200 nm Super Mag Silica Beads are excellent platform for further surface modification with variety of organosilane chemistry approaches.


Product Description: Super Mag Silica Beads
Solvent: DI H2O, 0.05% NaN3
Concentration: 10 mg/mL
Particle Size by Dynamic Light Scattering: 180-220 nm
Surface: Silica
Thickness of the Silica: 10 to 20 nm
Number of Beads in 1 mL: 3 ×1011
Storage: 2-8 °C; Do not freeze. Keep vial upright.

Catalog# Product Unit Size Unit Price Quantity
SS0201 Silica Super Mag Magnetic Beads-2 mL 2 mL $99.00
SS0202 Silica Super Mag Magnetic Beads-5 mL 5 mL $129.00
SS0203 Silica Super Mag Magnetic Beads-10 mL 10 mL $199.00
Concentration 10 mg/mL
Particle Size 0.2
Product Description Silica Super Mag Magnetic Beads, 0.2 µm
Surface Hydrophilic
Functionality Silica


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Product name:  Super Mag Silica Beads  

Catalog Number:  SN0050 – SN0200

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