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These are streptavidin conjugated Mono Mag beads with diameter of 4.5 µm. The magnetic beads are pre-blocked by a layer of BSA before a monolayer of recombinant streptavidin covalently coupled to the surface. The monolayer of streptavidin makes most of the biotin binding sites sterically available for binding of biotinylated nucleic acids, antibodies, or other biotinylated ligands and targets. Their specific and defined surface allow for efficient capture, separation, and downstream handling.


  • Better or comparable performance with Streptavidin conjugated magnetic beads with size over 4 µm.
  • Narrow size distribution, CV≤5%
  • Significant low non-specific binding to proteins and nucleic acid
  • No iron exposure to ensure lowest autosignal, particularly with respect to chemiluminescence
  • Easily adapted to automated processes.
  • Compatible with PCR reaction

Typical SEM images of Mono Mag (4.5 µm) Beads


Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads have a very wide variety of applications. The applications include assay development, nucleic acids, proteins isolation & cell isolation.

Binding capacity:

One mg of 4.5 µm Mono Mag Beads typically binds:

  • >750 pmoles free biotin
  • ~150 pmol biotinylated peptides
  • >5 µg biotinylated IgG
  • ~5 µg ds-DNA
  • ~150 pmol ss-oligonucleotides


Product Description: Streptavidin Conjugated Monodispersed Superparamagnetic Beads
Solvent: 10 mM PBS, 0.05% NaN3, 0.1% BSA, pH 7.4
Concentration: 10 mg/mL
Particle Size by SEM: 4.5 μm
Surface Ligands: Streptavidin
Magnetic Content: >30%
Number of Beads in 1 mL: 4×108
Storage: 2-8 °C; Do not freeze. Keep vial upright.

Catalog# Product Unit Size Unit Price Quantity
MV4501 Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads-2 mL 2 mL $199.00
MV4502 Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads-10 mL 10 mL $499.00
Concentration 10 mg/mL
Particle Size 4.5 µm
Product Description Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads, 4.5 µm
Surface Hydrophilic
Functionality Streptavidin