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PureBind Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

The PureBind Blood gDNA Isolation Kit is specifically designed for isolating genomic DNA with high yield and purity from whole blood. Specially coated magnetic beads enable high DNA binding capacity and minimal contamination from various samples. This kit features flexibility for different assay formats (tubes, 96-well format, automation) as well as a wide range of blood sample volumes (10 μL-10 mL). The obtained DNA from whole blood is highly pure (A260/280 ≥ 1.8, A260/230 ≥ 1.4) and are suitable for various downstream applications. The Kit is compatible with a variety of commercial blood stabilizer tubes and anti-coagulants.

    • No RNA contamination.
    • High molecular weight gDNA from whole blood, does not require differential lysis of RBCs and WBCs.
    • Isolates > 9 micrograms of DNA/350μL of input blood sample.
    • Compatibility with commercial stabilizer tubes (e.g., PAXgene Blood DNA tubes, BioMatrica DNAgard Blood).
    • Automation-friendly, KingFisher (Duo, Duo Primer and Flex) script available.

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