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The SuperMag Multitube Separator™ is designed for the easy and rapid separation of magnetic nanocrystals in small volume in as many as ten different samples simultaneously. It uses miniaturized magnets with very high magnetic fields. The SuperMag Multitube Separator™ weighs only about 1.23 kg with the following dimensions: 4.5 cm x 18 cm x 7.3 cm. It is completely portable and can accommodate ten pieces of 1.5-mL centrifuge tubes.

The SuperMag Multitube Separator™ is recommended for the separation of 20 nm magnetic nanocrystals and above. Times required for separation will vary depending on the particle size and the magnetic nanocrystal concentration in the solution.

The SuperMag Multitube Separator™ has a strong magnetic field. This product should not be used near magnets, metal, credit cards, or memory storage devices. Failure to follow this warning could lead to serious injury and loss of valuable data.

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MMS-1.5-8 MMS-1.5 each $699.00
Product Description SuperMag Multitube Separator