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Ocean NanoTech’s streptavidin coated magnetic beads offer easy affinity isolation or handling of biotinylated nucleic acids, antibodies, or other biotinylated ligands and targets without columns or centrifugation. Our streptavidin coated magnetic beads are uniform and superparamagnetic beads with a monolayer of recombinant streptavidin covalently coupled to the surface. With excellent size control techniques, the size range we offer is from 50 nm to 1 µm. The high-affinity interaction between streptavidin and biotin (Kd=10-15) is used in a vast number of applications.

  • High capacity: Equivalent or higher binding capacity than other suppliers
  • Low nonspecific binding: stable, pre-blocked beads provide clean purification products without interference from the non-specific binding of complex samples
  • Size flexibility: streptavidin coated magnetic beads offer sizes from 50 nm to 1 µm

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  • Catalog No.DescriptionSizeAmount1Price($) 
    MHS-050-01Super Mag Streptavidin Beads50 nm1 mg150.00
    MHS-050-05Super Mag Streptavidin Beads50 nm5 mg499.00
    MHS-050-10Super Mag Streptavidin Beads50 nm10 mg750.00
    MHS-050-50Super Mag Streptavidin Beads50 nm50 mg2999.00
    MHS-100-01Super Mag Streptavidin Beads100 nm1 mg150.00
    MHS-100-05Super Mag Streptavidin Beads100 nm5 mg499.00
    MHS-100-10Super Mag Streptavidin Beads100 nm10 mg750.00
    MHS-100-50Super Mag Streptavidin Beads100 nm50 mg2999.00
    MHS-150-01Super Mag Streptavidin Beads150 nm1 mg150.00
    MHS-150-05Super Mag Streptavidin Beads150 nm5 mg299.00
    MHS-150-10Super Mag Streptavidin Beads150 nm10 mg499.00
    MHS-150-50Super Mag Streptavidin Beads150 nm50 mg1999.00
    MHS-200-05Super Mag Streptavidin Beads200 nm5 mg299.00
    MHS-200-10Super Mag Streptavidin Beads200 nm10 mg499.00
    MHS-200-50Super Mag Streptavidin Beads200 nm50 mg999.00
    MHS-200-01Super Mag Streptavidin Beads200 nm1 mg150.00
    MV0501Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads500 nm20 mg299.00
    MV0502Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads500 nm100 mg999.00
    MV1001Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads1 µm20 mg299.00
    MV1002Mono Mag Streptavidin Beads1 µm100 mg999.00
    HV1001Hi-Sur Streptavidin Beads1 µm20 mg299.00
    HV1002Hi-Sur Streptavidin Beads1 µm100 mg999.00
    HV1003Hi-Sur Streptavidin Beads1 µm1 g4000.00
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