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Ocean NanoTech’s Protein A coated magnetic beads offer easy affinity isolation or handling of IgG without columns or centrifugation. Our Protein A coated magnetic beads are uniform and superparamagnetic beads with a monolayer of recombinant protein A covalently coupled to the surface. With excellent size control techniques, the size range we offer is from 50 nm to 1 µm.

  • High capacity: nearly twice higher binding capacity than typical beads from other suppliers
  • Low nonspecific binding: stable, pre-blocked beads provide clean purification products without interference from the non-specific binding of complex samples
  • Size flexibility: Protein G coated magnetic beads offer sizes from 50 nm to 1 µm

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  • Catalog No.DescriptionSizeAmount1Price($) 
    MHPA-050-005Super Mag Protein A Beads50 nm0.5 mg95.00
    MHPA-050-01Super Mag Protein A Beads50 nm1 mg150.00
    MHPA-050-02Super Mag Protein A Beads50 nm2 mg250.00
    MHPA-100-05Super Mag Protein A Beads100 nm5 mg175.00
    MHPA-100-10Super Mag Protein A Beads100 nm10 mg275.00
    MHPA-100-20Super Mag Protein A Beads100 nm20 mg475.00
    MHPA-100-50Super Mag Protein A Beads100 nm50 mg950.00
    MHPA-150-05Super Mag Protein A Beads150 nm5 mg175.00
    MHPA-150-10Super Mag Protein A Beads150 nm10 mg275.00
    MHPA-150-20Super Mag Protein A Beads150 nm20 mg475.00
    MHPA-150-50Super Mag Protein A Beads150 nm50 mg950.00
    MHPA-200-05Super Mag Protein A Beads200 nm5 mg175.00
    MHPA-200-10Super Mag Protein A Beads200 nm10 mg275.00
    MHPA-200-20Super Mag Protein A Beads200 nm20 mg475.00
    MHPA-200-50Super Mag Protein A Beads200 nm50 mg950.00
    MHPA-500-10Mono Mag Protein A Beads500 nm10 mg175.00
    MHPA-500-50Mono Mag Protein A Beads500 nm50 mg499.00
    HPA1001Hi-Sur Mag Protein A Beads1 µm10 mg120.00
    HPA1002Hi-Sur Mag Protein A Beads1 µm50 mg399.00
    HPA1003Hi-Sur Mag Protein A Beads1 µm1 g3000.00
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