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Technologies >> Bioconjugation
With support of the NIH, Ocean NanoTech has developed a standard bioconjugation protocol to attach nanocrystals to proteins, DNA, and other biomolecules for various applications in the life sciences. We also developed characterization methods to identify the conjugations. One example is the electrophoresis gel.  For example,  Figure 1 shows the gel electrophoresis quantum dots before and after conjugation with protein G. This shows that the larger molecular weight and the lesser amount of charges on the Protein-G conjugated quantum dot resulted in slower migration on the gel. We use gel electrophoresis as one of our quality control processes to assess and monitor the conjugation of various molecules on any of Ocean's nanocrystals.
The change of both the particle size and zeta potential of the nanocrystals before and after conjugations can be also used to monitor the conjugation reactions.
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