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Services >> Nanocrystal Bioconjugation
Nanocrystal Bioconjugation
    Ocean NanoTech offers custom conjugation of nanocrystals (quantum dots, iron oxide nanocrystals, Au, and Ag) with the specific proteins, DNA, or other molecules provided by our customers. Ocean uses patented and/or patent pending protocols that were used to develop standard methods to conjugate nanaocrystals to biomolecules reliably and reproducibly.
Nanocrystal bioconjugation services are for:
1. Bioconjugation of 2 nmole QDs (Catalog #QSH), 1 mg iron oxide nanocrystals (Catalog #SHP), or 1 mg Au or Ag nanocrystals. The ratio of protein to nanocrystals will be based on the customer needs.
2. Purification of the nanocrystals to remove excess proteins, DNA, and other conjugation reagents. Loss in the conjugated products may occur during the purification process.
These are the Technical Data provided during delivery of conjugated products:
Quantum Dot Bioconjugation:
  •  Hydrodynamic size before and after conjugation
  • Fluorescent emission quantum efficiency
  • Electrophoresis gel to identify the successful conjugation
  • FWHM
  • Emission wavelength
 Iron Oxide, Au, or Ag Nananocrystal Bioconjugation:
  • Hydrodynamic size before and after conjugation
  • Electrophoresis gel to identify the successful conjugation
  • TEM image of the inorganic nanocrystals (before conjugation)
Price: $600 per conjugation (excluding the price for the QDs and Nanocrystals) to quantities of the nanocrystal specified above. A discount will be provided for bulk quantities of nanocrystal conjugation.
For more information, please contact us at or call us at 858.689.8808.