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Nanocrystal Characterization
    Over the years, Ocean NanoTech has accumulated state-of-the-art equipment for the characterization of in-house manufactured nanocrystals that provide pertinent details about the various properties of nanocrystals. Using this equipment, Ocean offers the following services for the characterization of nanocrystals:
Hydrodynamic size
    Dynamic Light Scattering instrument (Microtrac Ultral 151) will be used to establish the hydrodynamic size of nanocrystals.
    Price: $40/sample for 1-9 samples, $30/sample for 10-50 samples within a calendar year.
TOC analysis
    TOC analyzer (GE, Servers RL500) will be used for the analysis of the total organic carbon on the nanocrystal surface. The sample concentration can be as low as 0.4 ppb. Unlike regular organic carbon analysis in water, TOC analysis of the carbon content on the nanocrystal surface presents technical difficulties. The biggest challenge is that the organic compound on the nanocrystal surface is difficult to destroy. Another challenge is that the nanocrystals aggregate on the TOC tubing resulting in blocking. With support from the NIH SBIR program, Ocean NanoTech has developed a proprietary procedure to overcome these difficulties, thereby allowing us to provide this service to our customers.
    Price: $80/sample for 1-9 samples and $60/sample for 10-50 samples.
Emission quantum efficiency
    The emission quantum efficiency is very important in predicting the applicability of the quantum dots for various applications. Ocean uses the Integrating sphere to accurately measure the emission quantum efficiency of quantum dots.
    Price: $30 per sample for 1-9 samples and $25/sample for 10-50 samples.
     For more information regarding these services please contact us at or call us at 858.689.8808.