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Ocean NanoTech, The Company
    Ocean NanoTech was founded in 2004. Our mission is to deliver the best nanocrystals with the best qualities to meet customer needs. To date, Ocean NanoTech has expanded its line of products to include various applications of nanocrystals. The product line now includes core quantum dots, core shell quantum dots in organic solvents, nanocrystals for LEDs and solar cells, water soluble biocompatible nanocrystals, reaction buffers for conjugating nanocrystals to biomolecules, conjugation kits, and services to meet our customer needs. 
Providing Dispersible Nanocrystals
    Ocean NanoTech is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dispersible nanomaterials. We specialize in the synthesis of dispersible nanocrystals with precise particle size and narrow size distribution. Additionally, we also provide customers with materials processing solutions and customized services to meet the needs of the various applications of nanomaterials. We explore new ways to produce better materials and better processes to achieve higher manufacturing capabilities. Our R&D is focused on the various applications of quantum dots, magnetic nanocrystals and metal nanocrystals for biomedical, energy, and optoelectronic applications.
    Ocean’s products are being applied by industrial, military, federal and academic laboratories for the development of new products in the areas of electronics, energy generation and storage, fuel cells, optics, biomedical, and life sciences. The applications of our products in the rapid vast expansion of the nanotechnology market is in a state of dynamic evolution. 
    Ocean NanoTech, LLC is devoted to nanotechnology, the production of materials with properties on the nanometer scale, and their exploitation for various applications. Our main focus is on the preparation and modification of quantum dots, magnetic nanocrystals and metal nanocrystals, as well as solving the key issues preventing their wide-spread implementation for various applications. Our core competences are:
  • Preparation of quantum dots, magnetic nanoparticles and metal nanocrystals
  • Conversion of hydrophobic nanomaterials to water soluble and biocompatible nanocrystals
  • Bioconjugation of quantum dots and magnetic nanocrystals to proteins, DNA, and other molecules
    Located in Springdale Arkansas, Ocean NanoTech occupies a 4300 ft2 building with 2000 ft2 office space and three wet labs: chemistry lab (1150 ft2), Biological laboratory (1000 ft2) and BSL2 facility (150 ft2). All three labs are fully equipped to conduct synthetic organic chemistry, nanocrystal synthesis, bioconjugation, cell culture and microbial, and cell/molecular biological assays. These also allow us to develop small instrument prototypes for automation of our core technology applications.
Our Commitment
    Ocean NanoTech is committed to delivering excellent nanomaterial products as well as the best customized services to our customers worldwide. By meeting the demands of our customers (who drive the future growth of nanotechnology) through the development of new materials, new processes, and new instruments, Ocean NanoTech will continue to increase its share of this exploding market. We are committed to provideing quality products along with the answers to customer’s questions, concerns and comments. Ocean NanoTech is always looking for ways to better our business and improve our product lines to meet the changing customer demands.
    Our research and development is engaged in various applications of our nanomaterials. With support from the Army, NSF, and NIH, we are working on biological separation, MRI contrast agent, drug delivery, quantum dots based light-emitting diodes (QDLEDs), and quantum dot probes for life sciences, and green nanotechnologies.