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Nanocrystal Synthesis


    Ocean NanoTech offers various custom services to meet individual customer needs. These services use patented and/or patent pending technologies that have been used to prepare reliable and reproducible standard protocols. The use of these protocols result in products with extremely high qualities such as small bandwidth.
Ocean NanoTech offers custom synthesis of the following nanocrystals: 
     1. CdSe quantum dots in any wavelength between 500-620 nm.
     2. CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in any wavelength between 520-620 nm.
     3. Iron oxide nanoparticles in any size between 5-50 nm.
These nanocrystals can be in powder form, in organic solvent, or in water.
Price: Please email us at or call us at 858.689.8808 to discuss.